Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Needs of perfection, never complete a life

It runs from a very single act…it can change …

from nothing…to something…hopefully

taste of love, care and happiness…leads to something even better

but still hunger for all of it..

existence of hopes…turns bitter to better

but still hunger for all of it..

a dose of sadness can bring a pack of madness..

it carried away all joy and peacefulness

never imagine how complex He created us..

feeling and lust sometimes emerge…we never seek it… do we ever need it ?

To through the wall of failure, need a millions efforts as a door

Still, find the same wall as before.

That’s what life is al about,. There are always another walls and doors

Question is…are we having the keys?

Stand with what we believe doesn’t means we can’t fall

Perhaps, no one believes a word of nonsense.

Someone said, all for one and one for all.

Can one overcome thousands?

In the end, perfection only comes after comparison

But still hunger of it…

Try to swallow tons of hopes…but it seems to be empty

But still hunger of it…


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